Why should you avoid AdsKeeper ads?

AdsKeeper ads – annoying advertisements from a legal advertising platform

We all know how annoying ads can be, especially when you are browsing thru news or trying to find something important on a specific website. Usually, these pop-ups are completely irrelevant to your search queries and can be useful only if you want to get the product which is promoted with their help. However, if you are on the other side – trying to sell this product – you should find this advertising strategy useful.

AdsKeeper is a marketing platform which promises to help companies show their ads to users. According to their official website, their ads are not only relevant to users’ region but are also far less intrusive and more dedicated to the specified country. If you find this intriguing, make sure you put yourself into the buyer’s shoes. Why? If interested, continue reading.

Localized advertisements gone wrong

Remember the promise of AdsKeeper developers to show people more localized and useful ads? They have forgotten to mention how do they reach this goal. If you checked program’s Privacy Policy or End User’s Agreement, you knew that this adware spies on its users and collects information about their search habits. Typically, as soon as it is added to the web browser, it collects data related to your search terms, mostly visited websites, information that you add on your favorite sites and so on.

Besides, there are hundreds of users who have mentioned the intrusiveness of this service. The amount of pop-ups, in-text ads, and banners sometimes can annoy even the most patient PC user.

Besides, we should not forget about the risk of getting infected with malware or similar computer virus just by clicking one of the ads that are still found malicious. Of course, representatives of AdsKeeper are not related to such cases. However, there is no guarantee that third parties who are trying to increase their popularity with the help of this service do not act so.

So, how do these ads appear and how should you get rid of them?

There is one main distribution method of adware used to display AdsKeeper ads – infiltrating systems as an optional browser add-on. Typically, such virus is hidden inside the freeware, shareware and similar software as an optional component. If you don’t monitor its installation, you can easily allow its infiltration on your computer, so make sure you opt for Custom or Advanced installation modes.

If you have already noticed “Ads by AdsKeeper” and similar notifications, it is strongly recommended to take immediate actions to remove any traces of this PUP. This is the easiest way to prevent its activity on your system.

Ugnius Kiguolis